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Heat Recovery, Ventilation & Extract Systems

Heat Recovery, Ventilation & Extract Systems

On average people spend around 90% of their time indoors. It is therefore very important to replace the poor indoor air quality with a supply of fresh air as often as possible. Having the right mechanical ventilation system (MVHR) fitted in your office or home will achieve this and is important to maintain good health. Ventilation systems will help remove moisture and stale air along with any odours, while replacing this with fresh air that is healthier to breathe.

CoolZone Air Conditioning have site surveyors and engineers with many years of experience within the industry, who can assist you in the design and installation of a suitable ventilation system for your premises. We will do our utmost to find a solution for every kind of building, no matter how complicated it may seem. With a ventilation system installed by CoolZone Air Conditioning you can be assured that your indoor air quality be vastly improved, which can only be good for your health!

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How does mechanical ventilation work?

A mechanical ventilation system (or heat exchanger) extracts warm, damp air from inside a building while supplying fresh, filtered air in. The warm stale extract air passes through the ventilation system which recovers the heat from that air before it is expelled outside.

The cool fresh air from outside is then passed through the same ventilation system where it is pre-warmed with the previously recovered heat, before being introduced into the building. This whole process takes place without the incoming (supply) air ever being in direct contact with the outgoing (extract) pollutant air.

CoolZone Air Conditioning can help you select the right system for your home or office.

  • Complete home/office ventilation systems/mechanical heat recovery systems.
  • Kitchen/bathroom extract fans.
  • Home air purifiers to assist with allergies.
  • Condensation and mould solutions.

It’s staggering to realise just how many indoor air pollutants can be present in our homes and offices, most of which cause us to suffer all kinds of side affects.

For further information on how CoolZone Air Conditioning can improve your indoor air quality, by providing you with a solution from a wide range of ventilation systems, please contact a member of our expert team! With a free site survey we can show you how your health & heating bills can be improved!

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We spend about 90% of the day indoors, so having the correct ventilation system will significantly improve breathable air quality.


We rely on air flow through walls, roofs and windows for ventilation. We have no control over the source or amount of air that comes in, but a mechanical ventilation system will change that, providing high quality fresh air as and when you want it!


Mechanical ventilation systems allow a constant flow and transfer of air between the outside and inside of a building whilst at the same time providing complete filtration!

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