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HVAC is short for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It is a term used for the technology of indoor environmental comfort, which has the goal of providing thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. It covers the systems used to provide heating, cooling and ventilation services to buildings.

Our pricing is fixed, however, if you have received a cheaper quote we will always try to beat it. We regularly quote premium brand equipment such as Daikin initially, but we can also quote on non-premium brands where required.

This equipment is often as reliable as the premium brands but there will be noticeable aesthetic differences.

Our site surveyors and engineers have many years of expert experience within the industry from a practical point of view. When there are various options or solutions available, we will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Quotations and prices for our service & maintenance packages, call out service, common repairs, common upgrades, PAT testing and budget installations can be found on our website HERE. For anything else please contact us so that one of our experienced team members can help.

Air conditioning systems contain refrigerant gas that is quickly pumped round the system by a compressor (to achieve very low temperatures). The internal compressor in the portable unit gets very hot in the process and this excess heat must be exhausted away.

The usual method of getting rid of this unwanted hot air is with a hose that needs to go out of a window or a door to reach the outside.

This will depend on the size of the installation and varies from property to property. For example, in a conservation area it is necessary to have Local Authority permission.

In a property which you do not own you may require permission from your Landlord. We always recommend that the Landlord and/or Local Authority is informed of your intention to fit air conditioning and that you receive written authorisation confirming that they have no objections. We can assist you by providing drawings and technical details when you apply to your Local Authority or Landlord.

This will depend on the complexity and size of the installation, it could vary from a single day to several weeks for larger commercial installations. We will give you an indication of how long the installation will take when we provide you with our quotation.

As a rule of thumb each individual unit takes approximately one to one and a half days to install.

Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric are acknowledged as market leaders, with Daikin systems in particular coming with our warranty of up to seven years. However we will also offer an extended warranty on Fujitsu, Toshiba and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners as these units provide an equivalent level of reliability at a lower price.

To learn more about the warranty available with each brand click HERE.

We install all the leading brands of air conditioners including Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Toshiba and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

We can also install other brands listed on our website upon request, but we do not install any brands not listed because in our experience they are not reliable and usually end up costing our customers more in the long term.

Most fitted systems require an outside condenser box, but there are some specialist units that can be used when this is not possible. For more information ask our expert team about ‘water cooled’ systems or ‘all-in-one’ air conditioners.

The type of units that we install do not contain standing water and therefore are not at risk of causing Legionnaires disease. We cannot comment on any existing systems you may have in your property.

We only sell products from leading air conditioning brands which are expected to last for many years. To maintain this longevity it is essential that the equipment is subject to routine maintenance and servicing.

We do not deal with inferior products, such as cheap ‘budget brand’ equipment which is usually specified in cheaper quotations. These systems are unreliable and more expensive in the long term.

Nearly all modern air conditioners provide heating as well as cooling. They are also an extremely efficient and cost-effective means of providing heating. As such, systems that provide heating will qualify for a reduced VAT charge of 5% when used in residential properties.

This is an ideal scenario when building an extension to a property as there is no need to extend the existing central heating system into the new space.

We recommend that all invoices are paid by bank transfer. Where this is not suitable we can also accept cheques and payments by most major debit and credit cards via Square (please see here).

Please note, when using Square any chip & PIN or contactless payments carry a 1.75% charge, any keyed-in payments over the phone carry a 2.5% charge.

Maintenance should always be carried out by a qualified air conditioning engineer. It is not simply a case of just cleaning the filters, with some of the necessary checks requiring specialist tools which only expert air conditioning technicians are qualified to use.

We are happy to quote for service & maintenance or repair works to your systems even if we did not carry out the original installation. Please contact a member of our expert team who can provide you with a quote.

After we have installed your system we can offer a full range of additional services, from simple telephone support to regular on-site maintenance. Our expert team can provide quotes to service and repair your equipment for as long as you want regardless of whether it is still under warranty or not.

All units, parts and labour are covered by a minimum one year warranty. Extended warranties of up to seven years are available on certain systems that CoolZone Air Conditioning install, provided that you have a planned maintenance program in place, and the units are serviced accordingly. Please see our Warranty Information page for more details.

We provide a full range of air conditioning services including initial site surveys, installations, service & maintenance visits, repairs, upgrades & call outs.

We have installed air conditioning for a wide range of private customers and companies who can be found in our client banner on the homepage.

When you choose CoolZone Air Conditioning you can be confident in receiving the highest quality service for the best price possible.

All our engineers are fully qualified and have F-Gas certificates (which allows them to legally handle refrigerant gas).

They also regularly attend specialist courses provided by the major air conditioning manufacturers so they are up to date with the latest practises and technology.

Yes, all our quotes and site surveys for new installations are free of charge.

On the rare occasion that a competitor has provided a cheaper quote it is usually because it has not been done on a like-for-like basis. On any comparable quotation we believe that we will be able to price match.

In most cases we are able to carry out everything required to complete an installation. This includes the purchase of all air conditioning equipment, new materials, labour charges and system commissioning. Works to electrical supplies will often need to be completed before we install your air conditioning system.

We can include (but show separately) any special electrical works required as well as any other works we cannot undertake. These will be clearly listed on your quotation so there are no surprises and if you wish for us to carry out these works there will be no surprises on the final invoice.

Whilst we are not a portable air conditioning specialist we are able to purchase a small range of portable air conditioners on your behalf from our trusted suppliers. For pricing and information on these please contact us so that one of our experienced team members can help.

Smaller projects will be tend to be fully managed by our senior engineers who are carrying out the works, whilst larger projects will be overseen by our experienced supervisors as and when they are required to be present on site.

In both cases there is no compromise on the quality of supervision, whether we are fitting one unit or one hundred units.

We are happy to carry out installations during evenings or weekends. However the cost would be greater than for an installation during normal working hours. Please let us know if you have any time constraints or restrictions on working hours and we will advise you accordingly.

When you confirm that you would like to proceed with an installation quote and pay the relevant deposit we will order the equipment immediately. In most cases we can have the units fully installed within two weeks.

Please note, that as with all weather related industries lead times can vary according to demand, especially through the summer months.

To install an air conditioning unit you must be a qualified air conditioning engineer with an F-Gas certificate. We are often called out to sites to fix units that have been incorrectly installed.

DIY installations or even installations by qualified builders without the necessary expertise in air conditioning usually end up costing much more in the long run with wasted time and materials.

An air conditioning unit is designed only to cool the room for which it has been specified. Leaving inter connecting doors or windows open will reduce its effectiveness.

•Modern fitted air conditioners are exceptionally quiet. They generate a soft fan sound that many people are able to sleep through without disturbance.

All of our systems comply with Health & Safety regulations, as does our documentation. Our expert team will produce all required Method Statements & Risk Assessments for installations, repairs or service & maintenance works. These documents are available upon receipt of an official order, deposit payment or letter of intent to carry out works.

The equipment we install makes use of the latest inverter technology and therefore are extremely efficient. The most efficient of these systems will be those running on R32 refrigerant, which from 2018 will become the predominant refrigerant in new units.

The Government even offer incentives to install our air conditioners in residential properties. With customers only paying 5% VAT due to the excellent energy efficiency they offer. Most units we install carry an A++ efficiency rating.

We provide a comprehensive maintenance service. Many air conditioning companies will only hoover your filters and leave, whereas we fully service both the indoor and outdoor units, making sure that they are operating within their normal parameters.

A member of the accounts department will send a detailed invoice once any works are completed, or where they receive an official order or letter of intent to carry out works, at which point a deposit invoice may be due. ]

As a general rule any installation will require payment of a 50% deposit invoice before CoolZone proceed with the purchase of the new materials and air conditioning units required to complete the installation.

Air conditioning filters do not usually need to be replaced. They should be cleaned twice a year in most environments, however, if a unit is heavily used or in a particularly dusty area then the filter may require more regular cleaning. See our maintenance calculator for more information.

Domestic units that are not in constant use and are used for cooling only generally require one service per year. Units that are in offices, doctors or dental surgeries should be maintained twice per year to keep them running at their optimum level. For server rooms, classrooms, gyms, hairdressers or anywhere in the restaurant and retail sector with heavy footfall we recommend three services per year.

For systems operating 24 hours a day or in areas with high levels of pollution or contaminants in the air such as kitchens, workshops or waste centres, additional service visits may be required.

Regular servicing and maintenance keep your unit running at maximum efficiency, significantly extending the lifetime of the unit and reducing the operating costs. In addition, routine maintenance will ensure that the unit qualifies for the full extended warranty rather than just the standard manufacturer’s one year warranty.

There are various reasons why your unit is leaking water. The condensation that is produced on the coil within your indoor air conditioning unit should fall into a drip tray. That condensation should then either be drained away by gravity or via a condensate pump.

If excess water is finding its way out of your unit anywhere that it shouldn’t be then it’s safe to assume much or all of the condensation is not being drained away. Sometimes a drain hole might clog up with dirt, so the water will find the easiest route to drain away which may be through gaps of a unit fascia or down the wall. However, if the condensation is being drained away with the use of a pump, then it is likely the pump has failed in some way and may need replacing quickly.

We often find that the coils in the unit have been so built up with dirt that it has ended up blocking the unit drainage system. A leak can be caused by something simple such as a dislodged drain pipe, making the water drain upwards, which would then cause the water to flow back into the unit and out around the fascia. In this case it would simply be a case of correcting the angle of the drainage pipe. Lastly, in more serious cases, if the system has lost a large amount of refrigerant the coil on the indoor unit may ‘ice up’, which can result in a large leak when the ice melts.

If you see ice on the coil then it is important to switch the unit off immediately and call your air conditioning engineer. Most of these unfortunate causes can be easily avoided if the unit is regularly maintained.

For our air conditioning installations we can offer up to a 7-year warranty to all of our customers (dependant on brand). The first three years of the warranty covers the parts and labour with the remaining years covering you for the full cost of the spare parts.

Please view our warranty page for further detail on available warranties. Any warranty is subject to the unit being regularly serviced by our expert engineers. We recommend a different number of services per year for units in different environments, please see our service & maintenance page for further info.

We carry out a great number of installations throughout London and the South East, with many customers happy to provide a glowing reference. If you would like to be put in contact with a previous client please feel free to ask.

If you have any questions which are not answered above please contact a member of our team, we are always available to help!