Air conditioning breakdown & repair

Service and repair for air conditioning systems

With combined experience of over 20 years, CoolZone engineers are capable of fault finding and repairing a wide variety of air conditioning and HVAC equipment. We aim to service and/or repair any systems swiftly with as little disruption as possible to customers and any on-site business. By recognising the importance of correctly identifying system faults and promptly organising the repairs that are necessary, we are able to return your system to its most efficient running conditions soon after a breakdown or suspected fault.

Note: The most common reason for air conditioning system breakdowns is an inadequate or non-existent maintenance contract.

If you know there is a problem with your system, feel something may be wrong, or are interested in a maintenance contract, why not contact us using our enquiry form on the right.

False economy

Unfortunately through ignoring problems and continuing to use a damaged or faulty system, customers often cause further damage to their units. In most cases this proves more expensive and also indirectly adds to the running costs of the system through inefficient operation.

Rapid response

We offer a fast call out service for repairs and breakdowns across London, the Home Counties and the South East, with engineers based on the outskirts of the M25. Once faults are diagnosed, we will suggest the most appropriate and cost effective course of action to return your system to its most efficient conditions.

Sensible callout system

Call-outs are charged on a competitively low standard rate for 2 hours of work on site (including travel at no cost). Any subsequent work will be based on an hourly rate and/or in respect of the cost of materials required to make repairs, such work will be carried out as soon as possible after the customer has approved our quote.

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